In these podcast episodes we hear directly from small family farmers throughout California, getting the real information and the stories behind the food we grow and eat.  In this series, we pay particular attention to the innovative work small-scale farmers are doing to keep their food safe to eat and share techniques– farmer to farmer. 

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The first season of the Farmers Beet is funded by the National Farmers Union’s Local Food Safety Collaborative.


Episode 1: Live Oak Farm – Petaluma

Release date: 2/27/19

Below are links to information mentioned in the podcast.

FDA FSMA pdf of law:

Live Oak Farm’s Facebook page:

Instagram: @liveoakfarmpetaluma

Compost thermometer:

Compost turner: Sittler machine:

CAFF’s link to a free sanitizer excel tool: “PSA Labeled Sanitizers For Produce” on this webpage:

FSMA 101 Webinar:

Episode 2: Fully Belly Farm – Guinda

Release date 3/6/19

Full Belly Farm website:

Full Belly Farm instagram: @full_belly_farm

FDA FSMA pdf of law:

Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washer:

See page 133 of Martin’s Produce Supply’s online catalogue and call them up to discuss further.

CAFF Food Safety Training Templates and many other ones:

CAFF’s 2018 Hedgerow Manual:

Wild Farm Alliance:

Episode 3: Foothill Roots Farm – Meadow Vista

Release date: 3/13/19

Foothill Roots Farm website:

Foothill Roots Farm instagram: @foothillrootsfarm

FDA FSMA pdf of law:

University of Vermont Extension Greens Spinner resource:

Photos of dryer:

Plastic baskets for spinning greens at found online when you search for Joy Fish Baskets or H&H baskets. You just have to find a size that works for your dryer.  Here’s a link to some Joy Fish baskets:

Episode 4: Redshed Farm – Penn Valley

Release date: 3/20/19

Red Shed Farm website:

Red Shed Farm instagram: @redshedfarm

FDA FSMA pdf of law:

SARE “Farmer’s Guide to Business Structures” – book is a great resource for farmers to read when starting a business and determining business structure, there’s also a chapter specifically on value added farm business entities:

CAFF’s and UC Extension’s Value Added Product timelines and webinars explaining the resources can be found here:

California Department of Public Health Webpages for various value added product permits:

Cottage Food Law:

Processed Food Registration Permit:

Cannery License Program: