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Hedgerows and Farmscaping for California Agriculture – 2nd Edition (2018)


Hedgerows, windbreaks, filter strips, grassed waterways, riparian areas and beetle banks are increasingly being planted on farms and can have multiple functions: they can serve as habitat for beneficial insects, pollinators and other wildlife; provide erosion protection and weed control; stabilize waterways; serve as windbreaks; reduce non-point source water pollution and groundwater pollution; increase surface water infiltration; buffer from pesticide drift, noise, odors, and dust; act as living fences and boundary lines; increase biodiversity; and provide an aesthetic resource. Many plants attract native bees and other pollinators, and some hedgerow and windbreak plants, such as citrus or other fruit trees and herbal plants, can have economic returns. As with any planting, problems and issues can be dealt with through management practices. Most growers use plants that they individually like and report that they are pleased with the benefits that farmscaping brings to their farms. This publication is an updated revision of the original, 2004, Hedgerows for California Agriculture: A Resource Guide for Farmers.
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Risk Management Training for Diversified Farmers: These 7 free workbooks were designed to assist diversified family farmers grapple with many elements that contribute to creating a financially healthy farming operation.

Workbook 1 Introduction to Risk Management

Workbook 2 Managing Family and Personal Risk

Workbook 3 Managing Financial Risk

Workbook 4 Managing Production Risk

Workbook 5 Managing Marketing Risk

Workbook 6 Managing Legal and Regulatory Risk

Workbook 7 Resources


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