Santa Clara Valley

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Regional Programs

Farm to Market
CAFF’s Santa Clara Valley Regional Office offers Buy Fresh Buy Local marketing/promotional services and Local Food Guides, assistance in connecting farmers with distributors, production planning between growers and buyers, CSA support and food safety planning.

Farm to School
CAFF’s Santa Clara Valley Regional Office delivers Harvest of the Month Tasting Kits to local classrooms, increases knowledge of and access to local produce in school cafeterias, and provides technical assistance to school food service staff.

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    Santa Cruz, CA 95061
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Program Highlights
  • HOTM tasting kits are delivered to over 150 classrooms montly, allowing over 4,500 students the opportunity to try new fruits and vegetables. CAFF also works with 7 food service directors to increase local produce purchasing.
  • CAFF provided Farm to Market Tools and Services to over 40 farmers and producers at regional marketing and food safety trainings.
  • Due to the efforts of CAFF and our regional partners, September was declared as “Local Food Month” in the Santa Clara Valley.
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