Past Wine Grape Workshops

2017 Workshops

2017 workshops supported by the Rose Foundation

Dry Farming with Paul Bernier

Workshop featuring Paul
Bernier, CAFF Policy Director,
Dave Runsten, and viticulture
and plant science adviser,
Glenn McGourty.

Geyserville, CA

May 16, 2017


Video of Paul Bernier’s speech


2016 Workshops

2013-16 workshops supported by the California Department of Water Resources and the Rose Foundation

How Green Is Your Wine?

Panel Discussion and Wine Tasting Event

Ferry Building, San Francisco

in collaboration with the CUESA

February 22, 2016


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Panel Discussion Audio Recording



2015 Workshops


Cover Crops and Water Management

J Lohr Vineyards, Paso Robles

in collaboration with the Vineyard Team

   March 26, 2015



Vineyard Cover Crops for Reducing Water


Water Efficiency for Vineyards and Diversified Farms

Rose Ranch, Kenwood

in collaboration with the Sonoma RCD

  April 14, 2015






Irrigation Efficiency

Vino Farms, Lodi

in collaboration with the Lodi Winegrape Commission

  May 12, 2015




Irrigation Considerations in a Dry Year

Rootstock Presentation

Managing Water to Meet Production Goals


Tools for Efficient Water Use in the Vineyard

Raymond Vineyard, Napa

in collaboration with the Napa County RCD

 June 9, 2015




Managing Water to Meet Production Goals


Water Management

Captain Vineyards, Moraga

 June 16, 2015





Vineyard Water Management

Silver Mountain Vineyards, Santa Cruz

in collaboration with  the Viticulture Association of the Santa Cruz Mountains

 June 30, 2015



Surface Renewal

Sustainable Winegrowing Tools for Water Efficiency

Using a Water Balance Spreadsheet to Forecast Vineyard Irrigation Needs

VSIM Irrigation Forecasting and Evaluation


Dry Farming and Rootstocks

Triple B Ranch, San Diego

   August 7, 2015



CAFF Dry Farming BMP Guide

What We Have Learned about Dry Farming Wine Grapes

Rootstock Presentation

Resistant Winegrapes Presentation



Stream Bank Stabilization and Water Conservation

Foxwhelp Farm, Healdsburg

   August 12, 2015





 2014 Workshops

Dry Farming Wine Grapes in California: Making Great Wine
Panel discussion and wine tastingSan Francisco, CA
November 3, 2014

Listen to the Audio!
Composting in the Vineyard
Learn about composting making and the benefits for soil water holding capacity and soil healthGeyserville, CA
July 31, 2014


Handouts, worksheets, and workshop presentations

Funding also provided by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

 Dry Farming: Everything You Need to Know
This workshop was presented during the Napa Valley 2014 Organic Winegrowing ConferenceRutherford, CA
July 29, 2014Presented with the Napa Valley Grapegrowers
 Vine Stress Management for Irrigated & Dry Farmed Vineyards
Paso Robles, CA
July 8, 2014



Listen to the Virtual Tailgate

Inches to Hours: An Irrigation Workshop for Foothill Wine Grape Growers
Plymouth, CA
April 29, 2014


Determining the Irrigation Amount By Larry Schwankl and Rhonda SmithThree most common methods-measuring vine water statusBy Kay Bogart, UC Davis

Ways to Access ET0 online By Lynn Wunderlich

Using the Pressure Chamber Handout

By Lynn Wunderlich

ANR Irrigation Publications for Vineyards

Sustainable Vineyard Practices- Part II Strategies for Using Less Water
COPIA Theather
Napa, CA
April 23, 2014


Please visit the Napa Valley Grape Growers’ Page to download all the presentations!

Vineyard Water Management II: Irrigation Strategies and Sap Flow Sensors
Ridge Vineyards, Cupertino, CA
April 18, 2014


Irrigation Management of Wine Grapes with a Limited Water SupplyBy Terry Prichard

An Integrated Method for Efficient Water UseThibaut Scholash, Fruition Sciences

Drip Smart
Bernier Farms, Healdsburg, CA
April 16, 2014


FarmsReach Irrigation and Water Toolkit

 Soil Moisture Monitoring for Vineyard Irrigation Management
Broken Earth Winery, Paso Robles
March 12, 2014Visit the Vineyard Team’s Website to listen to the Virtual Tailgate!


2013 Workshops


Dry-Farming Field Day

A discussion of techniques for quality winegrape production, sustainability, and water stewardship

Deaver Vineyards

Plymouth, CA

August 6, 2013

 Dry Farming Workshop

Learn about dry farming as it relates to wine quality and water stewardship

AmByth Estate, Templeton, CA

July 26, 2013


Dry-Farming: Key Concepts Presentation

AmByth Estate Case Study


 Dry-Farming Workshop

A discussion of techniques, water management, and climate change for grape growers

Battaglini Winery, Santa Rosa

July 17, 2013


Climate Change Impacts Presentation



2012 Workshops

Dry Farming in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Mica Cellars, Watsonville

December 6, 2012


Dry Farming Presentation , Mica Raas, 12-1-12

Dry Farming in the Central Coast AVA: Starting the Dialogue

Tablas Creek Vineyard, Paso Robles

August 22, 2012


Tablas Creek Vineyard case study


2010 Workshops


The Dry Farmed Option:Boosting the Bottom Line

Frog’s Leap Vineyard, Rutherford

July 8, 2010


Frog’s Leap Case Study

Dry Farming: Boosting the Bottom Line

Bucklin Old Hill Ranch, Sonoma

July 28, 2010


Old Hill Ranch Case Study



2009 Workshops

Dry Farming: From the Past to the Present

Bernier Vineyards, Healdsburg

   August 26, 2009


Bernier Vineyards Case Study




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