CA Farm to School Network

The California Farm to School Network (CFSN) is a statewide initiative that is generously funded by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and Network for a Healthy California to support California specialty crop growers. It is supported by staff from Community Alliance with Family Farmers and Urban and Environmental Policy Institute.

For the past eight years, the California Farm to School Taskforce has been providing coordination and leadership around Farm to School programming through workshops, information sharing, policy advocacy, and networking. Last summer, the Taskforce came together and decided to broaden their work, and transition to a California Farm to School Network that is open to everyone in the state of California who is working on Farm to School programs and projects.

The California Farm to School Network is your “one-stop shop” for everything related to Farm to School in the state of California. As a communications hub and a convener across many organizations and regions in the state, the CFSN will align Farm to School efforts, share resources, and bring farmers, schools, distributors, and practitioners together, continuing California’s leadership in linking family farms to K-12 schools.



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