Food Safety

What CAFF Offers
  • Workshops to assist growers in understanding what GAPs are and what growers need to do to follow/adopt GAP principles
  • Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) workshops that explain the rule requirements and help farmers figure out what food safety actions they need to take to be in compliance.
  • One-on-one field visits to help identify areas of concern and where possible practical solutions to food safety concerns
  • Review of food safety plans for third party audit preparation and assistance for preparing documentation for an audit
  • Mock audits for ensuring preparedness for a 3rd party audit
  • Discounted food safety tools and services for CAFF farmer members

Regional Food Safety Leads

CAFF has local food safety leaders based in Humboldt, Fresno and San Diego that provide regionally tailored food safety services to growers in their area. The CAFF Food Safety Specialist collaborates with  RFSLs to:

  • Adapt food safety presentations culturally and linguistically

  • Provide 1-on-1 technical support

  • Give FSMA & GAPs workshops and tailgate talks

  • Share new food safety resources with growers

  • Draft templates of materials including record keeping logs, training documents, standard operating procedures for growers
  • Factsheets to help assist with understanding of specific requirements

Program Highlights

Our goal is to work with growers and assist them in providing healthy and wholesome produce to their markets. On this site, you can find information about:

What farmers are saying: “The training programs such as the Food Safety Plan Certification involves trusted, farm-friendly experts coming out to the farm to help us evaluate our operations and in a non-judgmental way, help us identify ways to improve. This is a big deal.”



E-mail: foodsafety [at]

Phone: 530.290.1144

Updated 5/2/17.

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