Want to create a farm food safety plan but don’t know where to start?

From November 2020 – December 2021 CAFF is looking to partner with eight produce farms across California to help them improve their food safety practices and get into compliance with state and federal food safety regulations. If your farm is motivated to improve your food safety practices, but just needs a little extra guidance and technical assistance on how to do that — this program is for you! Throughout the 13 month collaboration we will work together during multiple in-person farm visits and phone calls to determine a food safety plan of action for your farm and steps to complete it over the year. Then near the end of the collaboration the farm will host a field day and invite farmer friends to come learn about the food safety improvements implemented over the last year+. In the case that pandemic restrictions won’t permit on-farm gatherings, a video project will be created as an educational tool to share what your farm learned and developed for your peer farming community. Below is a brief breakdown of the key actions CAFF and the farm partner will do thorough the collaboration. If you’re interested to learn more please fill out this brief application and we will be in touch soon!

What CAFF Provides Partner Farms:

  • two in-person farm visits to review questions, set goals, and share progress at field day
  • phone and email support throughout the process to answer questions
  • $1000 stipend for participation -written and electronic resources on lots of different food safety topics

What Partner Farms Provide CAFF:

  • prompt communication w/CAFF throughout the collaboration
  • motivated to make changes and improve food safety areas of the farm
  • agree to host a field day at the end of the project to share in-person examples with other farmers of how you’ve made lots of small changes on your farm to reduce food safety risks
  • complete pre/post evaluation form for CAFF on the partner farm process

Apply here!

Have questions? Reach out to Alisha Strater: alisha@CAFF.org or 510.336.4024