The Ecological Pest Management (EPM) program is CAFF’s newest on-the-ground program. CAFF seeks an Ecological Pest Management Field Technician to support the implementation of a large research and demonstration project in walnuts: Promoting Biologically Integrated Orchard Systems (BIOS) in Walnuts in Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys.

The EPM Field Technician will work with CAFF’s EPM Program Specialist and UC Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to support the data collection component for biologically integrated pest management demonstrations in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. The BIOS for Walnuts project will set up six demonstration sites (3 in the Sacramento Valley, 3 in the San Joaquin Valley) to demonstrate, investigate and promote key integrated pest management practices including mating disruption technique for key pests such as codling moth, navel orangeworm (NOW), and biological control of spider mites. The field technician for the Sacramento Valley, will largely be based in the Sacramento Valley with some travel to the San Joaquin Valley.

CAFF is currently seeking two contractors, one focused on the Sacramento Valley region, the other on the San Joaquin Valley.


Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) is launching a new Farm-to-Market Technology Hub to support small family farms and food enterprises across California in adopting technology based solutions for their direct marketing challenges. The contractor(s) will work with our Tech Hub Specialist in providing direct technical support to hundreds of farmers across California resulting in increased sales for farm business and diversification of sales channels. 

CAFF currently has two contractor positions available. Please click the links below to learn more about each position and how to apply. 

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