Location: Davis / hybrid work option available

FTE: 60%-100% FTE

Starting Salary: $60-$65K

FLSA: Exempt 

Reports To: Director of Development & Administration

POSITION SUMMARY: The Grants and Contracts Manager will play a key role on our administrative team by handling the management of grants and contracts. They will maintain CAFF grant files in Dropbox and Salesforce, review all contractual agreements, support staff in creating contract agreements, communicate important grant related deadlines and details to staff, and submit grant applications and proposals. Grant funding for governments and foundations is a large part of CAFF’s budget. A successful candidate will be highly detail oriented, enjoy budget and expense tracking, and be a clear communicator who is comfortable communicating tasks and timelines to other team members. This is an organizational support position, the desire to help others and the organization succeed should be a motivation for the applicant. Past experience working with government contracts is required.

Location: Davis / hybrid work option available

FTE: 50% – 70% FTE

Starting Salary: $45K – $55K

FLSA: Exempt

Reports To: Director of Ecological Farming

POSITION SUMMARY: The Ecological Farming Program Coordinator will play a key role in CAFF’s Ecological Farming Program Area, which includes our work in Climate Smart Farming/soil health as well as our Ecological Pest Management Program. The Program Coordinator will join the Ecological Farming team in its work to implement on-farm projects, facilitate farmer-to-farmer learning opportunities, develop extension resources and provide technical assistance to the agricultural community.

CAFF’s Ecological Farming program area works to improve the health, productivity, and resiliency of California agroecosystems through the promotion, research, and demonstration of ecological farming practices and systems that conserve and regenerate natural resources such as biodiversity, soil and water, and adapt to and mitigate the stresses brought on by climate destabilization. The Ecological Farming program area works with farmers, researchers and technical assistance providers in central and northern California to carry out projects including: Small-scale Biointensive No-till Vegetable production; Integrated Crop Livestock Systems; Cover Cropping; and Biologically Integrated Orchard Systems. We are working to build farmer-to-farmer networks in California to provide farmers and ranchers with the resources to successfully implement ecological farming.

Location: Preferably based in Central Valley or Central Coast 

Contract amount: $15,000

Rate: $40/hr

Reports To: Director of Membership & Communications

Contract Duration: August 2021 – March 2022

Position Summary:

The Spanish Language Small Farm Conference Contractor will assist CAFF in organizing, promoting and facilitating Spanish language content for the 34th annual Small Farm Conference taking place February 28 – March 3rd, 2022. Next year’s conference will be held as a hybrid event, primarily online, but with a few small in-person events. The Spanish language track will consist of one day of virtual workshops and videos exploring a variety of topics relevant to small-scale, Spanish speaking farmers across California, as well as one small in-person event (COVID depending) for these farmers to gather.

Working closely with other conference staff, Contractor will be tasked with soliciting Spanish language program content, speakers, experts, panels, etc. for up to five virtual workshops on topics ranging from growing practices to sales strategies. Contractor will work closely with CAFF staff and conference organizers to incorporate Spanish materials and promotion into the general conference program, promotions and evaluations. 

Founded in 1978, the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) is a California-based nonprofit that builds sustainable food and farming systems through local and statewide policy advocacy and on-the-ground programs in an effort to initiate institutionalized change. Our programs address current problems and challenges in food and farming systems, creating more resilient family farms, communities and ecosystems. We work to support family farmers and serve community members throughout the state, including consumers, food service directors, schoolchildren and low-income populations with the aim of growing a more resilient, just and abundant food system for all Californians.