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Job Title: Garden Manager
Where: Restorative Justice Program at Mendocino County Jail
Location: Ukiah , CA


We are looking for a Garden Manager to work at the garden inside Mendocino County Jail, in partnership with Unconditional Freedom Project ( and The Land Retreat Center ( The position is full-time, 5 days per week.

As a Garden Manager, you will work with inmates and volunteers to cultivate the garden at Mendocino County Jail to produce food for both inmates and corrections officers.  You will develop all aspects of organic vegetable and herb production from seed to harvest while empowering the inmates and volunteers to personally develop and steward the garden. In addition to your program, the Restorative Justice Program will also include addiction and emotional awareness curriculum, support groups, contemplative practices, medication-assisted treatment, culinary programs, reentry support, college accreditation, job certification etc.

You will be supported by the administrative and farm team at Unconditional Freedom Project and The Land, as well as the MCJ Restorative Justice Program Manager, Mendocino County Sheriff and corrections officers.

You will work with their entire adult and juvenile populations (all genders).

·       Train, mentor and organize inmates in regenerative gardening and agricultural methods.
·       Develop a relationship between garden and kitchen to ensure everything they need is getting harvested and delivered to the kitchen daily.
·       Develop relationship with the MCJ Restorative Justice Manager and ensure coordination with other Restorative Justice Programming.
·       Create project plan for garden.
·       Oversee all schedules – schedule for ordering seeds/plants/trees, harvesting, planting, soil work, food preservation, seed saving, etc.
·       Oversee record-keeping of yields.
·       Oversee organization and uses of the plots, greenhouse, sheds, and various farm equipment
·       Create budgets for the gardens and keep records of all expenses. Responsible for staying on budget and categorizing all expenses.

·       Must have at least 5 years of experience working in the following:
·       Strong communication skills—and be comfortable working in and leading groups.
·       Organic vegetable production including soil science, general nutrient need of different plant families, weed/pest management, planting procedures, row planting, harvest and post-harvest management
·       Fruit tree pruning, seasonal deadheading, organic foliar spray applications.
·       Greenhouse plant management, propagation, transplanting and pest/disease management.
·       In ground bed drip irrigation systems and timers, and making repairs.
·       Experience using and maintaining of farm tools and equipment, including tractor, saw, shovel, and other implements.
·       Aesthetic gardening
·       Ability to lift and carry loads up to 50lbs.
·       English language reading, writing, and speaking proficiency
·       A valid CA driver’s license and clean driving record
·       English is required, Spanish is desirable but not required.
·       A positive attitude and willingness to pitch in wherever needed; we are a small non- profit where we all do many things.


Inside Mendocino County Jail is 3 acres of usable space. Currently, 1 acre is cultivated for vegetable production and .5 acres for aesthetic use. They are in the process of designing a new, comprehensive Restorative Justice Program, which among many initiatives, will include cultivating the garden in the jail to produce food for both inmates and guards.

Unconditional Freedom Project is a program of Love to Table, a 501c3 organization. Unconditional Freedom Project, with the vision of turning prisons into monasteries, i.e., a opportunity for contemplation and growth. Through gardening, cooking and eating self-reliant food, people in prison can access critical soul-restorative care.

The Land Retreat Center is an educational non-profit farm located on 162 acres at the headwaters of the Navarro river in Mendocino County, Northern California. 2 acres are cultivated for intensive vegetable, flower and medicinal plant production and over 50 varieties of fruit and nut trees.


Please email with subject line “Restorative Justice Garden Manager FIRST NAME LAST NAME”
Submit your name, contact information, and work history as it relates to the desired skills and requirements above. Please be ready to provide three references.

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