Farm employees

Stonybrook Canyon Farm

We are a small farm in Palomares Canyon, Alameda County, CA. We currently farm a couple of acres at home on a part-time basis and sell directly to a half dozen local and high-end restaurants during summer, along with a Saturday morning farmstand, but we have acquired a new piece of property and intend to launch a full-time farm in 2021. We are accepting inquiries for positions from experienced farm people.
Candidates should live locally and have work experience in agriculture. We are unlikely to take on volunteers or workers who lack the basic skills in growing food in a way that we find admirable, or from anyone who has an hour commute to get to us. As for pay schedules, we believe that people should be paid fairly and we don’t expect to pay minimum wage to anyone. We’ll have a better idea of salaries or hourly rates as we go through the interview process, but feel free to include your expectations in your inquiry.
We don’t expect to hire any full-time positions, yet, and are unlikely to hire anyone before January 2021. We hope to hire one part-time employee with a greater level of responsibility on the farm, and that position could easily become a permanent full-time position later. The ideal candidate can handle a multitude of tasks (some of which are simply defined as hard work) and is capable of prioritizing and working independently. We are likely to be very flexible in work schedules, within certain limitations. We hope to have another person (or two) for more limited hours, as needed, for all of the mundane chores that never end, and are open to inquiries from people with different skills and experience to handle more narrowly-defined tasks. We will add more positions later, as needed.
This is a new venture for us, so we are excited to find people with the experience to get us to the next level of farming. Here is a list of tasks we wish to explore:
• Expanding our sales to high-end restaurants
• Collaborating with great and local chefs
• Selling to distributors
• Selling directly to independent grocery stores (which we currently do, on a limited basis)
• Establishing a CSA, which we frequently receive inquiries for.
• Constructing a website and moving away from our Facebook presence.
• We currently operate our summer farmstand at home, but hope to move it to the new property and expand our hours during peak summer months.
• We currently only grow/sell during summer months, but we expect to farm the new property on a year-around basis. We currently grow a wide-variety of products, and intend to follow the diversified-sustainable-eco-friendly model in all that we do.
• We do not yet have our organic certification, but expect to start that process soon. Organic farming experience is required for the positions we seek to fill.
Our new property is 155 acres, only about 5 acres of which are suitable for farming. We have drilled our first well and added water tanks and power, along with a John Deere tractor. We often have hunters on the far ends of the property during specific hunting seasons, so you would need to be comfortable with the concept that some people hunt for sport and eat things they kill. There is no internet/cell reception, so people who expect to be texting their friends every five minutes will find themselves very frustrated, as well as unappreciated, on the farm. We are about 3 miles from Highway 580 and easily accessible by vehicle.
For an online glimpse into what we currently do, you can visit our Facebook page.
We are open to inquiries from people who may not fit the traditional model of living, and might consider someone who wishes to park a small camper on site. We have power and water, but no cell/internet reception, nor do we have toilet facilities beyond a portapotty, but feel free to include your ideas/needs in your inquiry.
We ask that all inquiries be sent via email to Please do not call by phone or send messages to our Facebook page. Thank you so much for your interest.

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