Farm Director

Small Family Farm and Vineyard

We are an ever-evolving organic family farm made up of a vineyard, fruit orchards, olive orchards and vegetable gardens in St. Helena, California. We are newly putting practices in place throughout the land that we hope will lead to optimal soil health, maximum carbon sequestration, and a balanced, thriving ecosystem. We are looking for someone who is open-minded, team-oriented, highly organized and passionate about leading a team. This person should have diverse experience as we employ practices and concepts from biodynamics, permaculture, agroforestry, holistic grazing, and more. This person will help in all aspects of production, harvest, land maintenance and management, composting operations, livestock management (only chickens for now), farm administration, team management, and other daily tasks and long-term projects.

In addition to feeding the family and friends we have a weekly donation program for the excess food we grow. Responsibilities do not extend to the vineyards and olive orchards, however this person should be a resource for the questions and collaboration as we implement new farming techniques throughout the land.

Position involves working with farm owner and team to develop and implement long-term regenerative plan for the entire property, prioritizing daily activities with the head gardener, property manager and various consultants and working closely with a small team to make sure all systems are working symbiotically.


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Oversee all plans for the vegetable gardens, compost, orchards, and livestock
    Direct team members daily on what needs to get done and who is responsible for which tasks. Track weekly progress and communicate strengths and weaknesses to the whole team.
  • Work closely with consultant and owner to develop a long-term vision and implement a farm plan – short term and long term based on the vision and changes
  • Report weekly to farm owner to communicate progress, changes, issues, etc. from the past week
  • Oversee all schedules – schedule for ordering seeds/ plants/trees, seed saving, food preservation, planting, biodynamic sprays, soil work, seeding, harvesting, etc.
  • Oversee organization and uses of the greenhouse, sheds, and various farm equipment.
  • Oversee communication between garden and residence kitchen to ensure everything they need is getting harvested and delivered to the kitchen daily – we have someone devoted to this who will report to the director
  • Create budgets for the farm and keep records of all expenses. Responsible for staying on budget and categorizing all expenses.
  • Create project timelines and step-by-step plans
  • Oversee record-keeping of yields, food donated, changes in crops, soil amendments, observations on which crop health, production, taste, disease etc. to ensure healthiest and best products we can
  • Other activities as designated by farm owner and head gardener.
  • Daily farm chores shared by the team include; harvesting, preparing soil for planting, planting, seed saving, watering and irrigation, weeding, gathering eggs and washing them, moving the chickens, feeding the dogs (3), cats (2), and chickens, pruning fruit trees, stocking and organizing the produce fridge, checking and turning the compost piles, checking compost temperature, packing produce for donation, food delivery to food banks


  • English required, some Spanish is desirable but not required.
    Valid driver’s license.
  • Healthy physical condition and ability to lift 50 lbs.
  • Experience using and basic maintenance of farm tools and equipment, including tractor, saw, shovel, and other implements.
  • Experience in organic farming, permaculture or regenerative farming is required.
  • Education in this area is helpful but not required.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience working on an organic farm is required, with at least three years in a managerial/leadership role.
    Good organization and attention to detail.

Housing on-site is available if needed.

Please email Olivia Camille at with your resume and cover letter.


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