Regenerative Cattle Ranching Apprenticeships

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Building soil health & resilience on western working lands.

New Agrarian Program (NAP) Applications for 2021 Apprenticeships open November 1st and close December 15, 2020. Apprenticeships take place on working ranches across NM, CO, WY, MT and CA, starting in March/April 2021 and running through November 2021. For more information visit:

NAP partners with skilled ranchers and farmers to offer annual apprenticeships in regenerative agriculture. Our apprentices learn from expert practitioners in full-immersion professional settings. This program specifically targets young agrarians with a sincere commitment to life at the intersection of conservation and regenerative agriculture. We work with mentors who are dedicated stewards of the land; practice intentional, regenerative methods of food or fiber production; provide excellent animal care; and are skilled and enthusiastic teachers

Apprentices take part in all activities necessary for the daily operation of the ranch or farm, working alongside their mentor or, as their learning progresses, engaging in more independent activities. Basic, repetitive tasks are balanced with new and increasingly challenging work to enable the development of higher-level skills and to further apprentice learning. Duties and responsibilities vary and depend on the skill level that you come into the apprenticeship with. All participants attend a series of monthly supplemental training calls offered via video conference by Quivira Coalition. Monthly calls cover topics ranging from soil health to drought management to communication skills. All apprenticeships provide housing, partial board, and a monthly stipend/

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