Full Time Lead Field Crew

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Diverse vegetables & cut flowers sold in Yamhill County, OR.

The basics:

This is a seasonal position, running approximately late March/early April through the end of November.
40 hours, 5 days/week
Veggies galore
Potential for “off” season hours, if desired
Description: The foreman/lieutenant/right hand person!

The individual in this position will work closely with the farmer owner/manager (Beth) to help execute daily tasks on the farm. This is a new position for Even Pull Farm. Our goal is for you to work together with Beth to help keep the ball rolling throughout the day. You and Beth will work also communicate regularly about the goals and tasks for the day, week, & season ahead, and make sure we are staying on track with those goals.

As the lead worker you will help organize the crew to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. This involves: keeping folks on task & motivated, anticipating and easing transitions between tasks, problem solving on the fly, communicating with farm manager (Beth), and knowing & following farm SOPs. Attention to detail, ability to take direction, and asking good questions are key qualities for this position. You will not be expected to run the crew by yourself. Beth will be present and help set priorities and work flow, will train new crew on tasks/SOPs, and will regularly work alongside the whole team. Your job is to allow Beth to have some flexibility to address other aspects of the farm operation, such as troubleshooting, crop planning, and marketing/communicating with clients.

Basic knowledge of vegetable farming, food safety, and experience with team leadership is needed so that you have some context for what needs to happen. Even more important than this context is your ability to communicate openly, collaborate closely, and be able to lead the group with positive reinforcement and enthusiasm for each task!

Duties include:

Harvest. The most important part of this job will be helping coordinate & manage harvest days. We harvest at least three days a week, sometimes up to five, for our many outlets including Farmers Market & twice weekly chef deliveries. Harvest includes all of the associated tasks: wash station cleaning & prep, harvesting vegetables, washing & packing vegetables, and clean up afterward. Awareness of time and work pace is crucial for running successful harvest days.

Field work. You will also help the farm manager (Beth) to coordinate the crew to execute a wide range of field tasks. These include but aren’t limited to: planting, irrigation, pruning/trellising, removing old crops, greenhouse seeding, cultivation, row cover/landscape fabric management, and many additional jobs. Variety is the spice of (farming) life! You will work alongside the crew and farm manager to ensure the work gets done.


Farming experience is preferred for this position. A basic knowledge of vegetable farming (not gardening), food safety best practices, and familiarity with the range of tasks involved in vegetable farming is very helpful. Of course, every farm is different and we will train you on our specific protocols and processes.

Experience leading a team is required for this position. This could be in the workplace or elsewhere (a volunteer position, sports team, etc).

Good communication skills are critical for this role. You will be working closely with Beth and the team, so this role is all about being able to listen, integrate and explain tasks, relay information clearly and precisely, address questions, and foster good relationships.

Please note that farm work is physically demanding. The work requires repeated bending, lifting, and lots of standing. You must be able to repeatedly lift 50# off of the ground. We’ve made investments in systems and equipment to minimize wear and tear on our bodies, but the work is still physically demanding.

You must have reliable transportation to and from the farm.

COVID protocols:

We take COVID-19 very seriously. The health of ourselves and our team are extremely important to us, and important to the success of our business which is all direct-to-consumer. You will be expected to wear a mask when working in close proximity to your co workers (indoors and out). You will be required to wear a mask when working in our farmers market booth. If this is not in alignment with your practices, please do not apply.



Please send us an email at evenpullfarm@gmail.com with “2021 Farm Crew” in the subject line.
In the body of the email introduce yourself (briefly), list the name of the position for which you are applying, and tell us what your favorite vegetable is!

Please attach the following items to that email:

A one page letter of interest describing your interest in the position, why you want to farm, as well as why you are interested in working at Even Pull Farm and think we are a good fit for you.
Your resume. Be sure to include all relevant work experience.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

To apply for this job email your details to evenpullfarm@gmail.com