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Deep Springs College seeks a full time Assistant Ranch and Farm Manager for combined cattle and irrigated hay operation on the high desert of Eastern California. Job responsibilities include primary oversight of hay production including irrigation and equipment operation/maintenance as well as assisting in care of cattle and horses. The successful applicant will have sufficient experience in these areas to work with limited oversight. Teaching and supervision of student workers are a vital part of this job, but prior experience in formal education is not required. Housing, meals, utilities, and benefits provided, salary DOE. Visit for more information including a full job description. To apply, email cover letter and resume to


Deep Springs College
Job Description (2021)
Assistant Ranch and Farm Manager
The Assistant Ranch and Farm Manager is appointed by the President of Deep Springs and is
directly responsible to the Ranch and Farm Manager. The Assistant Manager’s role is to support
and assist Manager in operation of the College’s agricultural programs. It is expected that
approximately 75% of the Assistant Manager’s time will be spent in the hay operation and
approximately 25% in the cattle portion. Specific tasks and priorities will be determined by the
Ranch Manager.
The Assistant Manager must have the experience and skills necessary to independently carry out
all tasks listed below. In addition, her/his work with the students is important. The Assistant
Manager is both teacher and supervisor whose goal is the strengthening of the capacities of the
students to carry responsibility in the areas of labor assigned and the efficient operation of the
farm, consistent with the goals of the College and the Ranch. All students work at least 20 hours
per week in positions throughout the College, including a crew of three to five students on the
The Assistant Manager carries out the following responsibilities, with the help of student labor:
• Management of the hay operation, including:
o Operate, maintain, and perform basic repairs to tractors and implements related to
hay harvesting
o Routine care of hay fields
§ Production of at least 275 tons of usable hay on 150 acres each growing
§ Irrigation, harvesting, seeding, fertilizing and pest eradication.
§ Operate, maintain, and repair pumps, plumbing, irrigation lines, and sprinklers
§ Maintain field replanting schedule
§ Gopher control
o Maintaining farm fertility, including
§ Operating on-farm composting system, including gathering materials, turning,
and spreading compost
§ Regular soil testing and fertility monitoring
§ Purchasing and application of amendments and compost to maintain fertility
o Monitoring water and electrical usage for reasonable efficiency. Operate pumps in
consultation with Director of Operations to reduce electrical costs.
o Controlling expenses within the authorized budget.
o Managing inventories of all farm equipment and supplies.
o Maintaining farm operating records and USDA Organic certification
• Assisting the Ranch Manager in safe, effective operation of the College’s cattle operation,
o Care for horses and cattle, including nutrition and doctoring
o Supervision and assistance of students and seasonal cowhands in ranch operations
o Repairs and improvement to fences and other ranch infrastructure
• Educating the community of students and staff about the farm operations and the goals and
methods used, including:
o Training assigned Student Body laborers
o Participation in the Ranch and Farm planning process
o Reporting on the farm operation to Trustees of Deep Springs
• Implementation of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program for the above areas of
responsibility, including equipment training, and serving on the campus and board Safety
• Other duties as assigned by the Ranch Manager
• Participating in the Deep Springs community outside of the farm operations, as described in
the Staff Personnel Policy.
COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Deep Springs College is a private, nonsectarian, fully
accredited two-year college program for academically gifted young people, located on
a small cattle-and- alfalfa ranch in a beautiful, remote area of the White Mountains on
the California-Nevada border. 26-30 students attend. The program combines rigorous
academic coursework with 20-25 hours of physical labor each week. Students milk
cows, wash dishes, assist in the office, cook, clean, harvest alfalfa, and tend cattle,
horses and gardens. All members of the Deep Springs community – the students,
faculty, staff, president, and resident families—live on-site and take part in fostering
and developing community life, at the same time respecting each others’ need for
Deep Springs is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the
basis of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin,
religion, age, or disability
The college is located in California’s Eastern Sierra region on Highway 168, 26 miles east of
Big Pine, California, 11 miles from the Nevada state line. Death Valley National Park,
Yosemite National Park, Mono Lake, and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest are all within a
few hours’ drive. Los Angeles is a 5-hour drive away, Las Vegas is 4 hours; the San
Francisco Bay Area is 7-8 hours depending on the season.
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: For additional information, visit or
contact Padraic MacLeish, Director of Operations at To apply,
please send a cover letter and resume to



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