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Bell Valley is a center for regeneration - for people and land.

Land and Facilities Manager (LFM)
Bell Valley Retreat is seeking a Land and Facilities Manager (LFM) to support its regenerative land stewardship vision. The LFM will hold primary responsibility for ensuring that Bell Valley’s land and facilities are well maintained, align with our regenerative vision and provide a supportive environment for retreat participants.

Who We Are
Bell Valley is a center for regeneration – for people and land. When gathering in nature, we believe that people can access the sensitivity, courage and vision necessary to live in alignment with the earth and amplify positive transformational change. Guided by the wisdom and beauty inherent in earth’s living systems, we offer the retreat center as a space where people can open to themselves more authentically, work to heal societal fractures, shift their relationship to body, heart and land, and deepen their understanding and commitment to crafting a sustainable, healthier future.

Currently, Bell Valley hosts retreats for social change organizations, socially conscious businesses, and groups focused on personal transformation–i.e. eco-psychology, meditation, yoga, somatic healing, etc. In addition, the retreat center hosts a small number of weddings each year. We are committed to nurturing communities, organizations, and individuals whose work lies along the spectrum of individual, social and ecological transformation.

Our Regenerative Vision For People:
At Bell Valley Retreat, these principles guide our work:
We believe social, cultural, and ecological transformation are inextricably and recursively linked with individual transformation
We cultivate and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with nature
We steward the land with the intention of supporting all living beings and our work is guided by regenerative principles.
We actively support social justice initiatives including BIPOC/gender equity.
We aim to cultivate respect, healthy communication and personal growth in our staff culture
We encourage learning, reflection, and contemplative practice
We celebrate creativity and view artists as essential social and cultural visionaries
We honor all change-makers who devote their energy towards having a positive impact on the world

Our Regenerative Vision for the Land:
The overarching vision of land stewardship at Bell Valley is to restore our role as participants in regenerative disturbance, thereby supporting the land to exhibit the healthy and “wild-tended” ecological processes it had before European settlement led to the genocide of California’s indigenous population. This settlement, just 150 years ago, brought practices like clear cutting that had extreme biological impacts ranging from the extinction of many local species to the problematic introduction of invasive exotic plants.

The spirit of regenerative land management recognizes that humans have a significant role to play in healthy ecosystems, and have a remarkable capacity to heal land, working in relationship with it in harmony with its principles. We seek to renew human participation in the stewardship of thriving ecological communities through a focus on improving water quality and retention, engaging in intensive wildlands stewardship, enhancing biodiversity, building soil, and sequestering carbon. This vision also includes the development of small-scale annual and perennial gardens focused on vegetable production and orchard systems. We also envision animals fully integrated into the system helping to enhance soil, reduce fuel loads, and provide compost for the gardens. This vision also calls for humility and an ongoing curiosity and commitment to un-learn what may be familiar, yet destructive, and learn what may be newly generative.

What You’ll Do
You will work with the Owner and General Manager to ensure that our retreat center facilities and land are developed and tended to in support of retreat participants and in alignment with the larger regenerative goals. Your primary areas of responsibility will include:

Facilities Manager: As the sole current full-time residential staff person, you are responsible for troubleshooting facilities issues in order to maintain a seamless guest experience. When facilities needs are identified by Bell Valley staff or guests, the LFM either offers or identifies the appropriate support needed to resolve the situation in a timely fashion. You are also responsible for management of a range of systems including: utilities, internet, waste management, water, septic, maintaining fire-safe clearance around buildings, and integrated pest management.
Land Maintenance. You oversee fuel load reduction work, firewood management, road and trail maintenance, erosion control, and fire safety. You also oversee the contract landscaping team that tends to the cultivated landscape in and around the retreat zones.
Infrastructure/Equipment. You support the owner in the development and construction phases of new infrastructure development. In this capacity you interface with local contractors to support their efforts to complete projects on time and in a way that minimizes disruption to ongoing operations. You also are in charge of the upkeep and maintenance of all equipment that supports the land and facilities maintenance as well as small-scale carpentry projects to ensure the usability and safety of the retreat center for guests.
Administrative. You manage the following budgets: repair and maintenance, supplies, landscaping, and utilities. You work in coordination with the General Manager, guest service staff, and house cleaning staff.
Owners’ Cabin Area. The LFM plays the same facilities management and land maintenance roles described above for the owners’ cabin and a small number of adjacent guest cabins.

Who You Are
To be successful in this role, you first and foremost possess the technical skills to manage land and facilities. You are a handy person and likely have basic carpentry skills.

You have a connection to the natural world and feel inspired and aligned with Bell Valley’s regenerative and sustainability principles and practices.

You are a collaborative, team-oriented person with a commitment to personal and professional growth. This means you are committed to being part of a staff culture that supports the cultivation of good communication and developing self-awareness. You are open to receiving and giving peer and supervisor feedback, and self-motivated to work on your “growth edges” as a human and a professional.

You likely have some experience in either wildlands stewardship, annual and perennial farming, and/or working with animals in an agriculture setting. You are interested in learning more about any of the areas where you lack experience.

You possess a good number of the following specific skills:
Experience living rurally, with a broad skill set of practical land-based skills
Knowledge of California’s oak woodland ecology
Some familiarity with regenerative land practices and their implementation
Strong project management and budgeting skills
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; ability to work with a diverse range of people as part of a team
Demonstrated strong written communication skills
Proficient computer skills–Word, Excel; GIS or Google Earth mapping skills a plus.

What Else You Should Know
This is a residential, full-time salaried position. The overall compensation for this role is between $40K-$55K annually, plus housing (valued at $15K/yr). Exact salary commensurate with experience. New staff rarely start at the top of the range. (The residence currently included with the position is a modern barn that includes a 865 sq ft. apartment, 430 Sq. ft. deck w/hot tub, and an 850 sq ft. workshop available for job and personal use. Future housing arrangement may change.)
This position could potentially be filled by a couple, with differing and complementary skill sets; families welcome.
Bell Valley values a diverse workforce. Women, people of color, indigenous people, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community are strongly encouraged to apply. Bell Valley believes that an equitable and inclusive work environment, and a diverse, empowered team are key to achieving our mission. We welcome candidates who want to bring their whole selves to work and who want to challenge a “business-as-usual” way of operating. We strive to provide all candidates with an equitable and accessible recruitment process and welcome feedback on how to make our recruiting more accessible.
For consideration, please email us a brief note about your interest in the position and attach a resume. Emails can be sent to
While candidates should focus on their qualifications in the primary areas of responsibility, you are encouraged to highlight how your experience can support the larger regenerative wild lands, farming, and agriculture goals described above.

To apply for this job please visit