Local Guilds

In January 2017, we announced the merger of CAFF and the Farmers Guild. This merger allows us to combine efforts, membership and strengths to create one robust organization that provides a stronger, more united voice for family farms and sustainable agriculture throughout California.

Now with 12 local guild chapters (below), the Farmers Guild has connected a large group of crop growers and ranchers through its events, social media and sharing of practical resources, from farmer to farmer and guild to guild.

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• El Dorado/Placer Farmers Guild
• Los Angeles Farmers Guild
• Mendocino Farmers Guild
• Mendocino Coast Farmers Guild
• Napa Farmers Guild
• Petaluma Farmers Guild
• San Diego Farmers Guild
• San Luis Obispo Farmers Guild
​• Sebastopol Farmers Guild
• Sonoma Valley Farmers Guild
​• Yolo Farmers Guild
• South Mendocino Coast Farmers Guild

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