We have a small amount of funding each year to provide free on-farm visits to provide farmers with technical assistance. We prioritize farmer members. Please email or call to inquire about this opportunity. 

We offer a variety of services free of charge to growers including:

  • GAPs/FSMA Workshops / Training
  • On Farm Visit & Initial Food Safety Plan
  • Starting/Risk Assessment
  • Binders and Promo Material
  • Fact Sheets
  • Sample Documentation & Records
  • Access to Website
  • Webinars

We provide additional, more in-depth services at a flat hourly rate of $80, plus the cost of travel: $0.54/mile (from Davis) and time spent traveling to and from the farm. CAFF members are charged a reduced rate of $60/hour. Some examples of consulting services we provide include:

  • Review & Updating of plan after 1st year
  • Mock Audit
  • Audit Prep
  • Recall Prep
  • Support to achieve new/higher certification standards
  • GMP Certification Support & Planning for packinghouse*
  • Farm Worker Training Workshops
  • Train the Trainer
  • Review & Updating of school district food safety purchasing policies

*Packinghouse is referred to as those packing products grown by other growers

We may be able to provide additional services beyond what is listed here. Please contact us at or 530-290-1144 to inquire.