In the aftermath of a disaster, it might seem like there’s no hope. But in fact, a number of resources exist for survivors as well as affected farms and communities. From financial aid to techniques that help restore your land after a fire, we’ve compiled these resources to help get you back on your feet.

"Know your neighbors. Know all of them. And know what resources everybody has. Knowing your neighbors, having that community connection is just everything to us. There’s no way we could still remain in the area, or be doing this, if it wasn’t for that."
Melissa & Austin Lely
Be Well Farm


Whether you lost your home, property, crops, livestock forage or a job, there are many options that might help you recoup your losses.

Livestock Forage Disaster Program

The Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP) provides payments to eligible livestock owners and contract growers who have covered livestock and who are also producers of grazed forage crop acreage (native and improved pasture land with permanent vegetative cover) that has

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Tree Assistance Program

Provides financial assistance to eligible orchardists and nursery tree growers to replant or rehabilitate eligible trees, bushes, and vines lost by natural disasters. Eligible trees, bushes, and vines are those from which an annual crop is produced for commercial purposes.

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Emergency Conservation Program

The Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) helps farmers and ranchers to repair damage to farmlands caused by natural disasters and to help put in place methods for water conservation during severe drought. The ECP does this by giving ranchers and farmers

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FSA Emergency Farm Loans

When a tornado, flood, or drought strikes, or a quarantine is imposed by the Secretary of Agriculture, or when other natural disasters occur, FSA’s Emergency loan program is there to help eligible farmers and ranchers rebuild and recover from sustained

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Disasters can wreak havoc on your land. How you manage your land in the weeks and months following a disaster will determine well those natural resources recover.

Post Fire Restoration: Dos & Don’ts

While it’s difficult to stand by and “do nothing” it’s important that we do the right things post fire. This tip sheet, especially the Don’ts section, provides invaluable guidance on post fire land management from brush removal, drainage, erosion control,

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Waterways on Fire Damaged Landscapes: Video

Steep burned hillsides can be unstable in heavy rains, increasing the risk of landsides. To avoid this outcome, use wattles as described above to keep soil from moving downhill and entering storm drains, culverts and creeks. Other tips for keeping

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Disasters can greatly affect the health of your animals. Help ensure a sound recovery for everyone living on your farm or ranch.

Produce Safety & Food Recovery

Is your produce safe to eat after a disaster? And how can farmers assist in feeding those in feed? And how do you keep your business going in the aftermath?


Tips and resources to help your community work together to ensure an effective, equitable recovery.

Before Disaster Strikes

Is your farm ready for a natural disaster? We know it’s not easy to find time for all of today’s chores, let alone time to prepare for all the events that might or might not happen. But a little preparation now could save you countless hours, heartache, money and even your life and the lives of those you love. Check out these resources to help prepare your home, land, family, animals and community for the very real possibility of disaster. 

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