Support Farmers Impacted by Wildfire!

Wildfire is once again bearing down on California. And family farms, ranches, and farmworkers across the state face the threat of devastation. Farms are already suffering the loss of homes, barns, tractors, crops and more. With hundreds of thousands of acres burning and tens of thousands evacuating, CAFF is re-launching its California Family Farmer Emergency Fund, offering direct support to our agricultural community impacted by disaster, in particular farmers who fall through the cracks of traditional safety nets.

Please consider giving today, helping to ensure the resilience of those who grow our food and steward our land. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS.

Over the past few years, CAFF’s California Family Farmer Emergency Fund has directed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of generous donations from people like you to the most vulnerable farmers in crisis, be it the rippling impact of the COVID-19 pandemic or the threat of wildfire. And while CAFF’s Climate Smart Farming program works to empower our farmers to both fight the root cause of and adapt to the impacts of climate change, these evermore devastating wildfires remind us just how important that work is. 

Photo by Joan Cusick

For farms or ranches interested in applying for funds, click here. (Para español, haga clic aquí)

Because of systems of historic inequity, CAFF recognizes that some farmers are more likely to fall between the cracks of our traditional safety nets . For this reason, farmers of color, immigrant farmers, and undocumented farmers will receive special consideration, but we encourage all California farmers to apply.

25% of funds raised by CAFF will be distributed to partner organizations directly serving farmworkers impacted by wildfire, including undocumented workers. If you’d like to donate directly to some these groups, consider giving to UndocuFund or Puente.

Thank you for your support during these difficult times. 

Just as we rely on farmers every day, in this moment they’re relying on us.

Contact us with any questions.


Make your tax-deductible donation using the form below. The California Family Farmer Emergency Fund is held by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation 501(c)3, but overseen by CAFF.  Allocation of funds will be determined by a diverse, statewide advisory committee to ensure equitable distribution.