Genetic Engineering

CAFF is a member of the Genetic Engineering Policy Alliance, a network of organizations and individuals in California promoting precautionary policies on genetically engineered food and agriculture. The Alliance includes representation from agriculture, consumer, health, faith, labor, environmental, social justice and business sectors. We are united in our concern about the impacts of genetically engineered crops and foods on agriculture, the public, and the environment.


Our Platform

The California GE Policy Alliance seeks to:

Protect farmers from economic loss due to unwanted contamination from genetically engineered crops.

Promote the public’s right-to-know about the presence of genetically engineered crops in our food and agriculture.

Safeguard the environment and public health from damage due to exposure to genetically engineered crops and food

We inform California policymakers and the public of the need for policies that address:

1. Public notice – of all open-air plantings of genetically engineered crops through appropriate agencies.
2. Labeling – of all genetically engineered foods, seeds and plants.
3. Assignment of Liability – providing remedies for farmers and communities in the event of genetic contamination of crops, damage to the environment, or harm to the public.
4. Prohibition – of open-air food crops genetically engineered to produce pharmaceuticals or industrial chemicals.


Bills & Proposals

We introduced a bill in the 2007 California Legislative session, AB 541 (Huffman), to protect farmers and the food supply from problems associated with genetic engineering (GE) in agriculture.

A more complete discussion of the reasoning behind the bill is contained in this Position Paper.


Our Advocacy History

* AB 541 (Huffman) dies in Ag Committee (Summer 2007)
* Rights of Citizens to Restrict GMOs Upheld: SB 1056 (Florez) Held in Senate Rules (Fall 2006)
* Pre-emption bill passes Assembly Ag Committee with 8-0 vote (July 2006)
* Bill to pre-empt local control of GMOS is back (Summer 2006)
* The Sonoma County initiative attempts to place a moratorium (Spring 2006)
* Fight to pre-empt local decisions on GMOs (Summer 2005)
* Farmer liability for GMO drift (Fall 2002)


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