Know Your Farmer


CAFF’s Know Your Farmer Program reconnects children and youth with agriculture, fostering a new generation’s interactions with the food system. The program has three core elements that teach kids about food and farming, inspiring them to make healthier choices that support our local farm communities.

1) Farmer visits to classrooms: Bringing local farmers into the classroom impresses upon students the importance of farming as a career and introduces children to a farmer in their community. Kids get really excited to meet a farmer and ask questions about life on a farm and what it takes to be a farmer.

2) Local food systems lessons: These fun, engaging in-class activities can range from cooking and nutrition lessons to interactive exploration of food miles and foodsheds. CAFF’s food systems lessons encourage students to think critically about their food supply and help them see the bigger picture of how their food gets from seed to table.

3) Farm field trips: CAFF’s  farm field trips are fun, engaging and educational and are the highlight of our Know Your Farmer Program.  Working with farms across the state of California who are interested in hosting educational programs, CAFF has hosted hundreds of farm field trips that bring students to the farm for a memorable morning of hands-on activities that connect them to their food and farming community.

The program works with elementary school school children in the following California counties: Humboldt, Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara. Over the years we have worked with schools all over California and helped teach thousands of kids how their food gets from seed to table. Please contact us at if your school or grade level is interested in participating in our Know Your Farmer Program.


Project Highlight

A CAFF Farm Visit to Route 1 Farm – Santa Cruz, CA from Emily Hart Roth on Vimeo.


Get Involved

Write to for information on how to bring Farm to School to your district, or how to make a donation to help CAFF grow its programs. Want to intern or volunteer with farm to school?  Visit our volunteer blog or email us at to see how you could help plant a seed of change in California classrooms!

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