Farm to School


f2s5Since 2001, the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) has spearheaded Farm to School projects across California. Nearly all of CAFF’s regions operate Farm to School programs, which develop and coordinate on-the-ground projects connecting students to their local farming communities. CAFF also providing technical assistance to schools looking to expand farm to school programming. By connecting schools to farms in the classroom, on the farm, and in the cafeteria, we provide fresh, healthy, and tasty food for students while also increasing farmer income.


Harvest of the Month Tasting Program

f2s4CAFF’s Harvest of the Month Tasting Kit Program  connects students to the local food system by delivering farm fresh produce and educational materials right to the classroom once a month. Teachers take the lead on educating their students about the farmer who grew the produce while they taste it in the classroom. CAFF runs regional HOTM programs in the North Coast and Central Coast.


Know Your Farmer Education Program


CAFF’s past Know Your Farmer Program educates students about healthy eating through farmer visits to classrooms, local food system lessons, and farm field trips. Over the years we have worked with schools all over California and helped teach thousands of kids how their food gets from seed to table.


Farm to Cafeteria Initiatives


CAFF provides technical assistance to school and hospital food service staff with local procurement, often focusing on low-income schools and communities to increase fresh food access points. Districts that are interested in designing or strengthening Farm to School programs can now work with CAFF to:

    • Convene district stakeholders to build district wide support for Food Services and craft a long term farm to school plan for the district.
    • Get local produce procurement and bidding language advice.
    • Work with CAFF’s distribution partners and area farms to help get fresh local produce onto the menu while working within the Food Services budget.

Contact us at farmtoschool [at] if your district is interested in our Farm to School services.

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