Tools and Services


When CAFF asked about barriers to connecting local farmers to business, farmers overwhelmingly stated, “I need help with marketing and finding new markets” while businesses stated, “I need help with knowing who to contact or knowing how to connect with farmers.”

Connecting to new markets can be challenging and time consuming for California farmers. At the same time, business owners, retailers, and other food service operators who want to support local agriculture often struggle to find local growers. Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) offers sales and marketing assistance to growers to help them connect to direct, wholesale, and institutional buyers.


Program Highlights

  • Assisting in connecting farmers with distributors, buyers, and direct markets
  • Production planning between growers and buyers
  • Support in developing food safety plans
  • Branded, regional consumer education campaigns: Buy Fresh Buy Local and Go Local
  • Networking events and farmers market tours
  • Supply chain support: Working with distributors on aggregating demand, source identification, and processing

CAFF Farm to Market One Pager-1

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