2015 Year End Appeal

CAFF is changing the food system within California through policy and on-the-ground programs that support family farming. Our goal is to strengthen these growers so that they may continue to farm sustainably and create healthy food for their communities. We request your support to enable us to continue this work for your local growers and communities. Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of millions of community members and impact thousands of farmers throughout the state.

Leading the Nation in Climate-Friendly Farming

CAFF is the leading organization that defends the rights of family farmers. During 2015, we co-sponsored SB 367, a bill that promotes climate-friendly agricultural practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or store carbon. The bill proposes a dual impact: producing climate benefits while better preparing farms manage drought-related issues, extreme weather events, and other effects of climate change. SB 367’s programs are supported by scientific evidence that farm management practices to improve soil health, conserve water and energy, generate renewable energy, and create wildlife habitat all have significant and measurable climate benefits. CAFF is pushing for quick action on this important bill when the Legislature reconvenes in January. CAFF has always been a proponent of farming sustainably, including using water-saving practices. During 2015, we held workshops to connect over 300 growers with the information, resources, and technical expertise necessary for understanding and practicing more sustainable on-farm water management practices and food safety.

Increasing Local Produce Procurement

CAFF’s community involvement focuses on increasing access to and education about healthy, local food grown by family farmers, including the significant work we do to assist California schools and hospitals source from local family farmers. During the past year, we held the first statewide Farm to School Conference, which connected and educated hundreds of professionals in the Farm to School movement, including farmers. CAFF also expanded its Farm to Hospital work this year, partnering with another organization to increase local produce purchasing in Sacramento-area hospitals.

We appreciate your commitment to California famers and sustainable agriculture by donating to our 2015 year-end appeal. Your gift will help us achieve our goals and ensure that you and all Californians are a part of a healthy food system. Thank you for your support!

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